Contact Information

St. Mark Catholic Church 302 Peachtree Ln Eddyville, KY 42038


St Mark Church phone number: 270 388-2133


When using a GPS do not enter the zip code.

We are located behind Akridge ACE hardware on the right side of Peachtree Ln.


               Rev. Jojy Joseph Olickal
               St. Paul Rectory:
               270 365-6786


Permanent Deacon:
               Deacon Paul Bachi
               270 206-0512                


Volunteer Secretary
               Kathy Talley               


Parish Council
      Doug McCartney

               Vice Chair         

               Secretary           Jan Chaplin

                                         Pat Dybel

                                         Terry Ruxer

                                         Michelle Edelbrock


Financial Council 
  Greg Aldridge

                                         Roger Edelbrock

                                         Bob Chaplin

                                         Mark Ebelhart



For Family Aid assistance call the church @ 270-388-2133.